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Our mission is to deliver the best clothing products on the market at the best prices available. We are also firm believers in customer satisfaction. We were founded on the idea that if you provide first rate products and friendly service, we’ll earn customers for life. We offer a wide variety of awesome clothing for women and our dedicated staff is here for you if you have questions. Stop in, click or call to learn more!
We cannot stress enough how much we really value your opinion and input. Our motto always has been that the customer comes first, always. Now that you know why we are here, let us help you.

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D.Rock’s New Arrivals

Watch our New Arrivals Collection on the Runway

We are a manufacturer and importer who offers an entirely new wholesale experience: clothing and accessories of outstanding quality and astonishing value in a setting that excites and inspires. 

D.Rock is about bringing you the very latest in new fashions and styles and our assortment is constantly changing. So, if you see something you like you better grab is quick or you may miss out! 

D.Rock has also been a pioneer in attractive, well-fitting apparel for juniors and plus sizes. We firmly believe that every woman, regardless of shape or size, should enjoy fun, fashionable, and feminine clothing at an affordable price. 

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